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San Rafael Inn

Address:1580 Lincoln Ave
Project Numbers:ED21-008, UP21-003,  V21-002

RYS Architects
Robert Sauvageau
(415) 841-9090

Project Planner:

Steve Stafford, Senior Planner
(415) 458-5048

1580 Lincoln Rendering

Project Description

New 46-room, 4-story, 44’ 9”-tall boutique hotel. The project proposes to provide 38 off-street parking spaces, 26 of which would be mechanical parking lifts. The project requests 8’ 9” of an allowable 12’ height bonus. The project further requests Variances from required minimum front and street side yard setbacks, lot coverage and landscaping development standards.

Current Status

The project has been referred to all applicable city departments, non-city agencies, utilities and neighborhood groups for comment. Completeness review is due March 4, 2021.

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