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San Rafael to Consider All Potential Gun Control and Safety Measures

Posted on August 9, 2019

Mayor Phillips

San Rafael to Consider All Potential Gun Control and Safety Measures

SAN RAFAEL, CA: City of San Rafael Mayor Gary Phillips has directed City staff to present the City Council with all available legal and policy actions that the City can take to address the issue of gun violence.  “These may include new ordinances restricting gun sales, gun buy backs organized by law enforcement, and other actions to further the safety of all in San Rafael” said Phillips.  He added: “I want the City – as aggressively as possible – to pursue all available measures that are legally permissible for an American city to adopt and enforce against gun violence.  I am fed up and frustrated with the total failure to act by Congress on this issue.”

At Monday night’s City Council meeting, Phillips ordered the City’s flags to be lowered to half-staff until Congress takes meaningful action to protect American cities against gun violence.  Phillips has now directed the flags be returned to full staff on Monday, August 12, while City staff moves forward on researching and proposing new gun control measures.  Per Mayor Phillips’ directive, staff will present gun safety and control measures for consideration at the regular City Council meeting on September 16.

“We have received overwhelming support from the community regarding my directive to lower the City flags to half-staff.  While there were some who were not in favor, the vast majority expressed their appreciation for what was done” said Phillips.  “I was particularly gratified to receive support from our Congressman Jared Huffman,” he added.

Phillips then announced the decision regarding the flag had achieved its goal of directing further public attention to this issue.  Phillips said, “Now I have ordered that the flags be returned to full staff on Monday. However, City staff is further directed to research and propose every possible action that we can take to address gun violence.  Pending Congressional action, it is clear to me that our community expects us to do even more, and so we shall consider all possibilities.”

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT SAN RAFAEL CITY MANAGER JIM SCHUTZ AT 415-485-3070. Please note, Mayor Phillips is unavailable for comment until August 22.

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