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8/24/18 – San Rafael School District – Construction

Posted on August 24, 2018

Grand Opening

City Staff from the Community Development Department and the Public Works Department met with representatives from the San Rafael City School District last week to discuss the construction work occurring on various school campuses.

Glenwood Elementary School:  The school district is started construction of a new gym and multi-purpose rooms on the campus.  Construction started in June 2018 and expected to be completed in May of 2019.

Terra Linda High School:  A new student commons building to house the new cafeteria, library, music classrooms, drama classrooms and theater is currently in the design phase.  Construction is anticipated to commence in early 2019.


Terra Linda High School Student Commons

San Pedro School:  The campus at San Pedro Elementary School is being expanded.  Additional buildings are being installed adjacent to Point San Pedro Road and existing buildings on the school property will be modernized.  Underground work at the school has commenced this summer with main building modifications commencing in the spring of 2019.

San Rafael High School:  Construction and demolition at San Rafael High School has been in full swing this summer.  The school is having a grand opening ceremony on August 24, 2018 for the football field however demolition of the old ceramics building, and auto-shop occurred this summer.  Construction on the building improvements at the campus will continue throughout the year

Improvements within the School District Property is regulated through the State Architects office and no approvals are required through the City; however, representatives from the school district have met with staff over the last few months to provide insight into the construction that is occurring.

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