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San Rafael High School Crosswalk

San Rafael High School Pedestrian Beacon


Project goals

  • Provide a more direct connection and controlled crossing for high school students crossing between San Rafael High School and the Montecito Shopping Center
  • Install a pedestrian hybrid beacon that will be coordinated with the traffic signal at Third Street Union Street
  • Construct bulb-outs and a median refuge island for enhanced pedestrian safety




A long-range goal of the School District and City has been a more direct connection between San Rafael High School and the Montecito Shopping Center. Because of the speed and volume of vehicles on Third Street, a pedestrian hybrid beacon is the most appropriate treatment for this crossing. The School District and the City collaborated through the outreach, design, and applications for grant funding and were successful in securing $400,000 to construct the new crossing.

Here is a video of how a pedestrian hybrid works for drivers and pedestrians.

Two important things to note about this particular crossing:

  1. The hybrid beacon will be coordinated with the signalized intersection at Third Street/Union Street, so pedestrians may have to wait for through traffic on Third Street to finish its green phase before the countdown pedestrian heads give the “walk” indication.
  2. The large space in the median is a refuge space for pedestrians, as they are expected to cross Third Street in two phases.
san rafael high crosswalk
Proposed crosswalk location

This project has been vetted with the community through HOA meetings and meetings hosted by the School District. Construction for this project is occurred from October 2020 to early spring 2021. On April 15, 2021, City contractors activated the pedestrian hybrid beacon. Special thanks to the City’s contractors, Gremelli IndustriesSposeto EngineeringDC ElectricEconolite, and JAM Services for their work on this project. This is a substantial project that makes San Rafael a safer place for its residents.


DesignFall 2018 - Fall 2019
ConstructionOctober 26 - January 2021
Sidewalk, Curb Ramps, and MedianCompleted January 2021
Traffic Signal InstallationMarch 2021
Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon ActivationApril 15, 2021

Project contact

Lauren Davini, PE, TE | Traffic Engineer

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