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San Mateo County’s Successful Homeless Outreach Team

Posted on February 29, 2016

Members of the HOT team in San Mateo.

Finding successful solutions for the chronically homeless is complex and challenging but local officials recently visited a promising program, HOT or “Homeless Outreach Team.”  Vice Mayor Colin and Chief Bishop were part of a small contingent organized by St. Vincent’s to visit San Mateo and learn if it would be possible to implement a similar program in Marin County.

The program’s success is due to strong collaboration and accountability from service providers, case managers, housing providers and the police.  The outcomes are positive as demonstrated by the decrease in police contacts for those who were housed through the program (average of 38 contacts/month decreasing to .04 contacts/month!).  Client health costs decreased from $196/month to $29/month one year after being housed.  This program should be tried in Marin County and San Rafael will do what it can to successfully implement it here.

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