Safety Reminders for Wildfire Prevention Goats

Posted on July 24, 2023

With nearly 1000 goats and sheep grazing across San Rafael, the Fire Department works hard to keep the herds safe and contained.  

The City contracts with a grazing service provider with expertise in caring for the animals’ safety and wellbeing. Herders and herding dogs live on site to monitor the welfare of the animals and to address any urgent issues that may come up. Herds are contained by low voltage electric fences around the perimeter of the grazing area. Additionally, herders conduct regular inspections of the sites to make sure the goats are eating the right food.  

While our team takes every precaution possible, our furry friends are intelligent and curious. In rare circumstances, they may make an escape.  

If you see a goat or sheep outside of its pen,  call the City of San Rafael’s non-emergency number at (415) 485-3000. Be sure to let us know where the animal is, and we will contact the herder to bring them home. Do not approach the goat or sheep because they may get startled and run away. 

Please also remember not to touch the electric fences. If you see anyone tampering with them, please reach out to the City immediately.

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