Roster of City Officials

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Elected Mayor & City Council – 4-Year Terms (File 9-1) Expires:
Gary O. Phillips, Mayor 11/2020
Maribeth Bushey, Councilmember 11/2021
Kate Colin, Councilmember 11/2021
John Gamblin, Vice-Mayor 11/2020
Andrew McCullough, Councilmember 11/2020
Elected City Officials – 4-Year Terms
Attorney File: 9-3-16 / Clerk: File 9-3-14                              

Robert F. Epstein, City Attorney (part time) 11/2020
Lindsay Lara, Interim City Clerk 11/2020
City of San Rafael Successor Agency                                                                                                            
Gary O. Phillips, Chairman Andrew McCullough, Member
Maribeth Bushey, Member Robert F. Epstein, City Attorney
Kate Colin, Member Lindsay Lara, Agency Secretary
John Gamblin, Vice-Chair
Industrial Development Authority                                                   Established 12/2/85 (File IDA-1 – Resolution # 7237)                                              
Gary O. Phillips,  Chairman Kate Colin, Director
Andrew McCullough,  Director John Gamblin, Director
Maribeth Bushey, Director
Parking Authority                                                 Established 7/20/81 (File PA-2 – Resolution # 6139)
Gary O. Phillips, Chairman (11/8/11) Kate Colin, Member (1/3/13)
Andrew McCullough, Member  (11/8/11) John Gamblin, Member (12/15/14)
Maribeth Bushey, Member (11/5/13)
San Rafael Joint Powers Financing Authority  Established 4/20/92                                                                                    
Gary O. Phillips,  Board Chairman Kate Colin, Board Member
Andrew McCullough, Board Member John Gamblin, Board Member
Maribeth Bushey, Board Member
Appointed Officials
Jim Schutz, City Manager Paul Jensen, Community Development Director
Cristine Alilovich, Assistant City Manager Diana Bishop, Chief of Police
Mark Moses, Finance Director/Treasurer Christopher Gray, Fire Chief
Lisa Goldfien, Assistant City Attorney Debbie Younkin, Interim Community Services Director
Lauren Monson, Deputy City Attorney II Sarah Houghton, Library Director
Bill Guerin, Public Works Director Stacey Peterson, Human Resources Director
Danielle O’Leary, Economic Development & Innovation Andrew Hening, Homeless Planning and Outreach
Elected Board of Education – 4-Year Terms (File 9-2-1)  Expires:
Natu Tuatagaloa, President 11/2018
Rachel Kertz, Vice-President 11/2018
Maika Llorens Gulati 11/2020
Linda Jackson 11/2020
Greg Knell 11/2020
Business Improvement District                                                                  
Jeff Brusati, T&B Sports Adam Dawon, Mike’s Bikes
Jaimi Ortiz, Bank of Marin Bonnie Ayers Namkung, Copywriter & marketing consultant
Matt Haulk, Ragghianti Freitas LLP Jed Greene, Fire Corners Consulting Group
David Haydon, Il Davide LeAnne White, InCavo Wine Lounge
Melissa Prandi, Prandi Property Management Maria Bernier, Woodland Pets
ADA Access Advisory Committee – 4-Year Terms Appointed by City Council (File 9-2-56)
Ewen McKechnie 10/20191
Jennifer Conroy 10/20191
Fredric Divine 10/20181
Jonathan Frieman 10/20191
Gladys Gilliland 10/20181
Eric Holm 10/20181
Carol Manashil 10/20191
Rob Simon 10/20181
John Erdmann (Alternate) 10/20191
Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee – 4-Year Terms Appointed by City Council (File 9-2-55) Expires:                     
Tim Gilbert 11/2018¹
Daniel (DJ) Allison 11/2018¹
Jim Geraghty 11/2019¹
Kevin Hagerty 11/2018¹
Joakim Osthus 11/2019¹
Amy Beresford 11/2019¹
Kate Powers 11/2018¹
Jerry Belletto  (Alternate) 11/2018¹
Vacant (Alternate) 11/2018¹
Shoshana Harlem, Youth Member 07/2018
Board of Library Trustees – 4-Year Terms Appointed by City Council (File 9-2-3)   Expires:             
Melanie Cantarutti 04/2019¹
Vacant 04/2021¹
Jaimi Cortes 04/2021¹
Doug Van Gessel 04/2019
Josh Libresco 04/2019¹
Citizens Advisory Committee on Economic Development & Affordable Housing – 4-Year Terms Appointed by City Council (File 9-2-65) Expires:                                    
Bill Carney 06/2019¹
Glenn Koorhan  06/2021¹
Andrew Naja-Riese 06/2021¹
Dirk Brinckerhoff 06/2019¹
Felix AuYeung 06/2019
Vacant 06/2021¹
Kati Miller 06/2019¹
William P. O’Connell, Jr. 06/2019¹
Roger Smith 06/2021¹
Gladys Gilliland (Alternate) 06/2021¹
George W. Uri (Emeritis Honorary Member) N/A
Abraham Yang (Emeritis Honorary Member) N/A
Design Review Board – 4-Year Terms Appointed by City Council (File 9-2-39) Expires:          
Jeff Kent, Landscape Architect 06/2021¹
Robert “Bob” Huntsberry, Architect 06/2020¹
Cheryl Lentini 06/2018¹
Eric A. Spielman 06/2021¹
Stewart Summers, Architect 06/2019¹
Donald L. Blayney (Alternate) 12/2019¹
Fire Commission – 4-Year Terms Appointed by City Council (File 9-2-5) Expires:       
Dr. Stephen Mizroch 03/2018¹
Lawrence “Larry” Luckham 03/2019¹
Thomas Weathers 03/2020¹
Nadine Atieh 03/20211
Leonard Thompson 03/20211
David Fonkalsrud (Alternate) 03/2020
 Geotechnical Review Board (File 9-2-26)
Miller Pacific Engineering Group (Scott Stephens)
Marin Commission on Aging – 3-Year Term Appointed by City Council (File 199) Expires:         
Salamah Locks 06/2018¹
Marin County Hazardous & Solid Waste Management Joint Powers Authority Local Task Force – Appointed by City Council 03/16/2015 (File 4-13-96A)
Marin / Sonoma Mosquito & Vector Control District Board – 2-Year Term Appointed by City Council (File 9-2-9)     Expires:                   
Pamela Harlem 12/2019
Measure ‘E’ Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee – 4-Year Term Appointed by City Council (File 9-2-68) Expires:                  
John Erdmann 11/20202
Gladys Gilliland 11/20202
Larry Luckham 11/2018¹
Cry Miller 11/20202
Jacqueline Schmidt 11/2018¹
Park & Recreation Commission – 4-Year Terms Appointed by City Council (File 9-2-4)   Expires:          
Ralph Mihan 05/2018¹
Mark Bustillos 10/2019¹
Eric Holm  05/2018¹
Jeff Jones 10/2020¹
Stacey Laumann 05/2018¹
Mark Machado 10/2019¹
Tom Obletz 10/2020¹
Cicily Emerson (Alternate) 10/2020¹
Planning Commission – 4-Year Terms Appointed by City Council (File 9-2-6) Expires:      
Barrett Schaefer 06/2020¹
Mark Lubamersky 06/2019¹
Jeffrey Schoppert 06/2021¹
Berenice Davidson 06/2021¹
Larry Paul 06/2018¹
John (Jack) Robertson 06/2019¹
Sarah Loughran 06/2018
San Rafael Sanitation District (File 4-12 & 12-7)
Gary O. Phillips, Chairman Andrew McCullough, Alternate, SRSD
Maribeth Bushey, Secretary/Director Doris Toy, District Manager/Dist. Engineer
Katie Rice, Director Jack Govi, Assistant County Counsel
Damon Connolly, Alternate, Board of Supervisors Karen Chew, SRSD Senior Civil Engineer
Special Library Parcel Tax Committee – Measure C Appointed by City Council 09/20/2010 (File 9-2-62)
Barrett Schaefer Glena Coleman
Carol Manashil Gary T. Ragghianti
Phyllis Brinckerhoff  Peter E. Lee
Special Library Parcel Tax Committee – Measure D Appointed by City Council 07/17/2017 (File 9-2-62)
Phyllis Brinckerhoff Pamela Cook
Gregg Kellogg Peter Lee
Robert Ross
San Rafael Regularly Scheduled Meetings
  • City Council 7:00 p.m., 1st & 3rd Mon., Council Chambers (From 4/16/12)
  • ADA Access Advisory Committee 2:00 p.m., 1st Wed. of March, June, September and December City Hall Conf. Room 301, 3rd Floor
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee Quarterly – Up to two additional Ad-Hoc meetings may be scheduled City Hall Conf. Room 301, 3rd Floor
  • Board of Education Special meetings scheduled as needed and regularly scheduled meetings may change. SR District Office, Board Room, 310 Nova Albion Way (and at alternate sites)
  • Board of Library Trustees 6:00 p.m., 2nd Tues., Library Meeting Room
  • Business Issues Committee 8:00 a.m., 1st Thurs., City Hall Conf. Room 301, 3rd Floor
  • Citizens Advisory Committee on Economic Development and Affordable Housing 7:00 p.m., 1st Thurs., City Hall Conf. Room 301, 3rd Floor
  • Design Review Board 7:00 p.m., 1st & 3rd Tues., Council Chambers
  • Fire Commission 4:30 p.m., 2nd Tue., Fire Station # 1, 1039 C St.
  • Park & Recreation Commission 7:00 p.m., 3rd Thurs., San Rafael Community Center
  • Planning Commission 7:00 p.m., 2nd & 4th Tues., Council Chambers
  • San Rafael Sanitation District 8:00 a.m., 1st Wed., CM Conf. Room, City Hall
Meetings Called as Needed
Geotechnical Review Board San Rafael Joint Powers Financing Authority
Parking Authority Traffic Coordinating Committee


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