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Ross Street Terrace Residential

ross clayton plan

Address:Ross Street Terrace
APNs:012-141-59 and -60
Project No:ED19-090/ED19-091/LLA19-008, EX20-006
Applicant:Steve Carter
Joseph Farrell Architect
1 Commercial Drive, Suite 106
Novato, CA 94949
Scarter @ farrellarc.com
Project Planner:David Hogan, Contract Planner
(408) 809-9513
Dave.Hogan@ cityofsanrafel.org


Project Description

The proposed project includes an application for an Environmental and Design Review Permit and Lot Line Adjustment for the construction of two new single family homes –on vacant Lots 59 and 60. Access to the lots is proposed to be from undeveloped Ross Street Terrace (constructed as a private driveway a distance of approximately 480 feet) which would connect to Ross Street (an existing public roadway).

Current Status

This project is currently under review. The Design Review Board will be evaluating the design of the project at its May 18, 2021 meeting.

An Initial Study to evaluate the environmental impacts will be prepared and when completed will be released for a 20-day public review period.

This proposed project and the Initial Study will require Planning Commission action at a noticed public hearing. No date has been set.

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