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Roll the Dice Games

Posted on April 8, 2020

Activity Dice Game

Get silly with these dice game ideas or come up with your own.

The idea is to assign an activity to each side of the cube. Kids roll the cube to see which activity they need to perform and for how long. You can create different themes like animal movements or sounds, such as  Hop Like a Frog, Meow Like a Cat, or Run Like a Cheetah or go for exercises like jumping jacks, sit-ups or planks. Remember to scale the activity appropriately for your child’s age and ability.

There a few ways to set up the game.  Print out a blank pattern and decorate it yourself,  or follow the links below for patterns that are already designed, or use regular dice and assign activities to each of the numbers.

Blank Printable Pattern

You can create your own dice by following this printable pattern. Children can draw or write in the boxes or have them cut  out  pictures  of animals, words or other objects from a magazine and paste them in the boxes before you fold it

Pre-designed Printable Dice

Lego Super Hero Action Dice Here is a  free printable  for kids to soar like superman, zoom like the Batmobile and Run like Flash!

Get the Kids Moving Game Just print, cut and glue these colorful printable die (via Paperelli for iheartnaptime) Kids perform silly, but strengthening, tasks like Bunny Hops for 15 seconds or One-Leg Flamingo Balance for 45 seconds, etc.

Animal Action Dice This printable dice from Playdoh to Plato features creative animal movements like  Wander Like a  Moose  and Scurry Like a Squirrel.

Movement Dice Use this printable movement dice from Pink Oatmeal which includes classic movements and animals.

Animal Movement Activity Dice  Simply print and stick these engaging animal movements from Silhouette Blog onto a wooden block. Perfect to keep pre-schoolers giggling whenever they roll Waddle Like a Penguin.

Move Like An Insect Gross Motor Dice This printable dice from Life Over C’s features bugs and their movements. Kids will crawl like caterpillars and flap like butterflies while burning off tons of energy!

Moving My Body Gross Motor Dice  Another great printable from Life Over C’s features two dice – One with body parts and one with motions. Roll them both and put them together to do active motions like Wiggle Your Head and Bend your Elbow.

Gross Motor Action Dice This easy printable from I Can Teach My Child will have your child hop, skip and jumping their energy away.

Traditional Dice Ideas

If you want to use traditional dice, write down the numbers 1 through 6 and assign an activity to each number. You could also have children cut out pictures or draw pictures of the activity and paste them on a piece of paper with the corresponding number.

Here are a few activities:

  • Do 10 burpees…blindfolded!
  • Crab Crawl backwards around the edge of the room
  • Fly like a bird to the bathroom and back
  • Army crawl for 20 seconds

For extra fun, use two  dice and assign movements to one die such as running, jumping, etc.  and animals to the other. Roll them both and your kids will be rolling laughter as they  Slither Like a Monkey, Hop Like a Fish or Skip Like an Elephant.




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