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Request for Proposal (RFP): Sea Level Rise Adaptation Planning Services

Posted on August 21, 2023

SAN RAFAEL, CA August 21, 2023 – The City of San Rafael is pleased to announce the release of our Request for Proposal for sea level rise adaptation planning services. The purpose of this project is to conduct a community-informed technical feasibility study of sea level rise adaptation options along the greater Canal District of San Rafael, which falls within the San Rafael operational landscape unit. This project will include robust engagement in our priority equity community census tracts (“Primary Engagement Area”) to ensure that underrepresented community members have a voice in the decision-making process. This project also includes improving the understanding of the conditions that serve as the basis for sound design, improving understanding of vulnerable critical facilities, and developing final recommendations.

The Project Team leading this work includes the City of San Rafael, the County of Marin, and two community-based organizations, the Canal Alliance and the Multicultural Center of Marin. This work is supported by grant funds from the State Coastal Conservancy and the Governor’s Office of Policy & Research.

RFP Timeline 


Stage  Date 
Request For Proposals released  August 21, 2023
Optional pre-submittal meeting   August 29, 2023
Deadline for questions   September 10, 2023
Questions & answers posted  September 13, 2023
Proposals due  September 21, 2023 at noon
Interviews with finalist teams (if needed)  Week of October 2nd, 2023
Expected selection of consultants  Week of October 9th, 2023
Desired project kick-off  End of October/early November 2023

Submission Guidelines and Communication 

Proposals shall be submitted electronically to Katherine Hagemann, at by noon Pacific Time on September 21, 2023. The proposals should be submitted as a .pdf file with the subject line: (Name of Organization) Response to RFP: Technical Consultants for Sea Level Rise Adaptation

All communications concerning this RFP must be directed in writing via email to the contact above.  No other City employee, consultant, or contractor is empowered to speak for the City with respect to this RFP.  Any oral communication is considered unofficial and non-binding to the City.  After the proposal deadline, vendors should not contact the RFP Coordinator or any other City official or employee, except to respond to a request by the Project Manager. 

Optional Pre-Submittal Meeting 

The optional meeting was held on August 29, 2023. The slides shared at that meeting can be found at this link: 


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