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Zoning Amendments

An applicant may initiate rezoning for a property to another district that is consistent with the City of San Rafael General Plan 2020 Land Use Map, or an amendment to zoning text. Zoning amendments are a legislative action that requires a favorable recommendation by a super-majority of the Planning Commission and adoption of an ordinance by the City Council.

Typically, zoning text amendments are proposed for property that requires adoption of land use tables and development standards for development of a property under the City’s planned development (PD) zoning provisions. The General Plan 2020 Policy LU-10 requires PD rezoning for development on a lot that is larger than five acres, except for construction of a single-family residence. A “pre-zoning” application may also be required for requests to annex property into the City limit (required for development of properties within the City urban services boundary). General Plan Amendments The City of San Rafael may amend its General Plan four times per year. An applicant may apply to amend the City General Plan map or policies. Such requests will be processed with other general plan amendments on a quarterly schedule established by the City.

Processing Requirements

In addition to the standard application submittal requirements, requests for amendment of the City zoning and/or general plan also require the following materials:

  1. A metes and bounds description of the property.
  2. Copies of a map (minimum scale 1” = 20’ and including a north arrow) showing:
    • Outline of the property to be rezoned/amended.
    • All existing improvements (structures, fences, parking, driveways, etc.)
    • Designation of existing land use (residence, commercial building, etc.)
    • Designation(s) of present zoning and/or general plan.
    • Small scale location map with present zoning and use of all immediately adjacent properties.
  3. Statement of reasons for requesting a zone change or general plan change for the property.
  4. Typed copy of proposed zoning text or general plan policy edits.
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