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šŸš©Attn: BuildingĀ  CustomersšŸš©

the Epermits system is currently experiencing technical difficulties and is not allowing plans & documents to be attached to your application.

Please email your documentsĀ  for revision or resubmittals to Building@cityofsanrafael.orgĀ Ā 



To submit for a revision to your issued permit or to submit corrections to an application :

Revisions:Ā  First step is to fill out this REVISION FORM to attach to your revised plans.

Resubmittals:Ā  Be sure to include your correction responses with your plans.


Go toĀ

  1. Log into your account Ā Ā Ā (If you do not have an account you will need to create one)
  1. Search for your permit using ether the permit number or property address
  1. Open your permit and attached your revised documents Ā using the ā€œPaper Clipā€ icon
  1. Once your revised plans are uploaded they will be submitted for review.Ā  Please note this review may take up to 2 weeks to complete .Ā  Any revision fees will be due once your plans have been approved.
Screen Shot of where "attachment" is
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