Resources for Emergency Preparedness


For more information about disaster services in San Rafael and in general, visit these websites.

City of San Rafael Emergency Preparedness website
Red Cross Preparedness website
Local Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)
FEMA guide – Are You Ready?
Earthquake Supply Store, 415.459.5500, 3095 Kerner Blvd., # I San Rafael, CA 94901
California Volunteers for Disasters

Personal Preparedness

Prepare for your personal and family needs. It may be a week or more before disaster workers can reach your area during a major disaster. Utilities may not be available, and grocery stores may be closed. Here are some tips to cope with a disaster:

  1. Designate an out-of-state person as a contact for friends and family if they cannot reach you.
  1. Prepare a disaster kit with essentials to keep yourself and family alive. The Red Cross recommends a gallon of water a day per person, three days’ worth of non-perishable goods (more is better), a first-aid kit (in the car and home), prescription and non-prescription medications, tools, and supplies, toiletries, warm clothes, and important family documents (in a closed container or somewhere where it won’t be damaged in a disaster).
  1. Create a family plan for disaster: where will you meet in case your home is damaged or destroyed? How would you respond to different kinds of disasters?

If you are interested in being an EVC volunteer remember: The best EVC volunteer is one who isn’t a victim of the disaster. Make sure you and your loved ones are safe first and foremost. You can’t be of help to others if you are hurt yourself.

Take the EVC Quiz!

  1. What is an out of state contact?
  2. What is the first step a potential volunteer for an EVC needs to take?
  3. How long should a family or persons be prepared to survive unaided in the event of a disaster?
  4. How does an EVC aid disaster response?
  5. How many steps does volunteer intake entail in an EVC? What are these steps?
  6. What are the two current EVC locations?
  7. Inside the EVC what does the Job Opportunities Coordinator do?
  8. Which Bay Area county has a well established EVC program?
  9. If a major earthquake were to hit the Bay Area how many spontaneous volunteers does the Red Cross estimate will try to help?
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