Request for Proposals: Third Street Safety Improvement Project

Posted on May 24, 2019

The City of San Rafael (City) hereby requests proposals from qualified engineering Consultants for peer review of design and performance of work to obtain environmental clearance. Other optional tasks which may be awarded at the City’s discretion include, but are not limited to, final  design, right of way certification/encroachment permitting assistance, and construction support. The City anticipates developing the design in-house utilizing existing Public Works engineering staff, however, where technical assistance may be necessary in areas outside the experience of City staff, a Consultant will assist. The City is also interested in obtaining a cost proposal to have the Consultant perform all design work should the City desire to contract out the design. This project may require the expertise of a multidisciplined team consisting of transportation, civil, environmental, and other required disciplines to complete the full range of required services.

The City has procured federal funding through the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) to design and construct proposed improvements. The City is prepared to commit additional funding to augment the construction budget to allow for street resurfacing on Third Street from Lindaro Street to Union Street and on Grand Avenue from Second Street to Fourth Street. At this time, the City has secured an E76 for design and has the required environmental scope of services requested by Caltrans, and as such, is prepared to retain one Consultant to assist the City with this project.

Proposals shall be submitted by firms that have a capable and demonstrable background in the type of work described in the section entitled “Scope of Work” of this notice. In addition, all interested firms shall have sufficient, readily available resources, in the form of trained personnel, support services, specialized Consultants and financial resources, to carry out the work without delay or shortcomings.

Request for Proposals

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