Regional Wildfire Prevention

Posted on August 30, 2019

San Rafael has a long history of leading efforts to proactively address the risks associated with wildfire. Despite our best local prevention efforts, wildfires do not respect jurisdictional boundaries. Given the changing climate and increased risk of wildfires, and taking into consideration the widespread impact that wildfires can have across Marin County, we have been partnering with FireSafe Marin and all of our neighboring cities and towns to develop a countywide approach to wildfire prevention. At Tuesday’s meeting, our Fire Department staff will be presenting an informational report to the City Council to introduce a proposed plan to create a countywide coalition, coined the “Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority” (MWPA). The MWPA would be a joint powers authority that would include the cities and towns of Marin County, along with the County of Marin and fire protection districts in Marin County, to fund, coordinate and oversee wildland fire detection, fuel reduction, public education, defensible space evaluations, and local agency wildfire prevention efforts. To learn more about this proposal, read the staff report.

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