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Regional Transportation System Enhancements

Posted on May 2, 2017

Construction contract awarded to: Ghilotti Bros.

Project contact: Hunter Young, Department of Public Works

Project Began: February, 2014

Completed: April, 2017

Project Description:  This project prepared downtown San Rafael for upcoming rail operations.  Specific improvements included:

  • Install traffic signal interconnect and as well as fiber optic cables to increase the reliance and speed at which the traffic signal controllers communicate
  • Upgrade traffic signal controllers and cabinets to allow cross communication between traffic signal controllers and rail signal controllers
  • Install Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant curb ramps
  • Install count-down pedestrian signal heads at signalized intersections
  • Widen the sidewalk on Hetherton Street between 4th Street and 3rd Street

Project Status: The City has awarded the construction contract to Ghilotti Bros, Inc. Construction is underway and slated to be complete in July 2017

Limit of Work: Mission Ave to Second St (north to south) and Irwin St to Lincoln Ave (east to west)

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