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Reduce and Reuse

Posted on February 14, 2020

Waste Reduction
Historically, the United States has relied heavily on China to manage our recycling needs. Amidst recent changes we are facing new recycling challenges. Did you know recycling still uses energy and causes pollution? And although it is still good to do, it’s the last thing to consider when it comes to the “stuff” we use. The three R’s have generally been listed as #1 Reduce, #2 Reuse, and then #3 Recycle. Fortunately, we can choose to reduce what we buy, and there are more reuse options available every day. Learn more about a San Rafael mom who is tackling the first two R’s for the sake of her child’s future. And check out the new SPARKL Reusables program at Whole Foods San Rafael. What can you do to Reduce and Reuse?

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