Recreational Area Replacement Policy – Multi-Family Development

Multifamily residential development including apartment complexes and condominiums (generally containing three or more units) are required to provide a minimum square footage of common outdoor recreational area that must be properly maintained. Therefore, when filling in a pool or modifying an existing multifamily project recreation area, the area must be replaced with an active recreation area in-kind. Staff highly recommends that prior to selecting the types of facilities, the tenants’ preferences be surveyed in order to achieve maximum use of the recreation area.

An Administrative Environmental and Design Permit application is required for pool/recreational facility replacements on multifamily residential properties, so as to ensure that what the replacement amenity is sufficient to qualify as an “active” recreational area.

Replacement recreational facilities may include, but are not limited to, community centers, swimming or wading pools, spas, court facilities (such as tennis, basketball, or volleyball), picnic or barbecue areas and enclosed tot lot facilities with play equipment. Common usable outdoor area shall be a well-defined coherent space that is integral to the design of the subdivision or apartment complex for which it serves and shall have a minimum dimension of 12-feet. The space should include trees and shrubs to border the area, consider providing a lawn area, or community garden space for residents. If there is an existing pool equipment room (that will no longer be needed following removal of an existing pool), it should be converted to an indoor recreation area that includes indoor recreation equipment, community gathering space with tables and chairs available and restroom facilities.

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