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Pool information and policies

Recreation Swim Recreation swim is open to all ages. Lap lanes are not available during this time. Swim Tests Swim Tests are required for swimmers under the age of 12 who want to swim in the deep end or use the Mighty Medley, which is only open during the summer. We may request swim tests … Continued

What measures are taken to reduce the potential conflict between the northbound off-ramp and the eastbound left turn from Manuel T Freitas Parkway, before they get into the roundabout?

The extended separation of northbound through and northbound right turn traffic will make it easier for eastbound left turn traffic to gauge perspective gaps. This allows traffic on Manuel T Freitas Parkway to turn left into their own entry without competing with the northbound off-ramp right turning vehicles. In addition, transverse rumble strips can be … Continued

Is a lateral sewer line inspection required as part of the building permit process?

The San Rafael Sanitation District (SRSD) does not require private lateral sewer line inspections as a part of the building permit process.  However, any time sewer-related improvements are proposed, SRSD highly recommends that the private sewer lateral be inspected and repaired as needed.  Note that any private lateral repairs or improvements require acquisition of a … Continued

How do I apply for a sewer permit?

The sewer permit application is available at:  https://www.cityofsanrafael.org/sewer-permits/ It needs to be completed and emailed to  SRSD@cityofsanrafael.org Include with sewer permit application a site plan showing the proposed works; pipe type, pipe depth, where it leaves the dwelling, the location and type of backflow prevention device, the upper lateral route and connection to the lower … Continued

Third Street – Lindaro Intersection

The intersection of Third Street and Lindaro Street is a four-legged, 90-degree intersection, except the north leg serves a city-owned parking lot driveway (versus being a typical street) and there is a stop-controlled side street (Lootens Place) just 60 feet to the west. Historical turning movement counts from 2016 and 2017 indicate 80 vehicles use … Continued

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