Please note the time change of San Rafael Regular City Council Meetings to commence at 6:00 p.m. 

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Submittal of December 6, 2023

Application Project Description Preliminary Title Report Response Letter Arborist Report Geological Technical Memorandum Geological Technical Report I Geological Technical Report II Hydrology Report Section 65945(a) Notice Architectural Plans Civil Plans Landscape Plans Stormwater Control Plans

Resubmittal of March 29, 2024

Dominican Valley Response Letter March 25 2024 Response to Planning Division Comments Response to Department of Public Works Comments  Written Request65945 (a) GUIDELINES FOR DEVELOPMENT IN RIPARIAN AND WATERSHED AREAS General Planning Application PLAN24-048 General Planning Application PLAN23-081 Draft Dominican Valley Subdivision TIS Dominican Valley Housing – Permit Resub Dominican Valley Housing – Permit Res_01 … Continued


San Rafael bridges the gap between San Francisco and Sonoma County. It also serves as the connection between the East Bay with all Marin jurisdictions.   San Rafael is home to the San Rafael Transit Center, which serves as the regional transportation hub for Marin County. Consisting of bus, taxi, rail, and airporter services, the Transit … Continued

Industries / Business Profile

San Rafael hosts a wide variety of industries, and has an estimated ~$6 billion in economic activity. Downtown’s 4th Street receives over 3 million annual visits.   32,000 workers employed in San Rafael 87% of San Rafael’s workforce live outside San Rafael, while 13% live and work here Leading occupations:  Private Education and Health Services Professional … Continued

Community Profile

Demographics from above also used for graphic   San Rafael is home to a diverse, skilled, and educated population. Quick facts:   At least 50% of residents ages 25 and above have obtained a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Median household income is $113,839 Median home price is ~$1.3 million  24,502 total housing units, with (X thousand/hundred) more … Continued


Designated as just one of 14 California Cultural Districts, Downtown San Rafael is a hub of business, community, arts, and culture. San Rafael is the oldest and largest city in Marin County, with a historic downtown. San Rafael hosts a variety of events, including two farmers markets, a film festival, Art Works 2nd Fridays Art … Continued

How can people experiencing homelessness be assessed for housing assistance?

The Marin Homeless Continuum of Care (CoC) has launched a Coordinated Entry System (CES) to ensure that people experiencing homelessness receive the best services to meet their housing and/or service needs. Our Coordinated Entry System is designed to serve individuals and families in Marin County who are experiencing homelessness including those who are: Unsheltered (e.g., living outside, … Continued

What is San Rafael doing to support the homeless population?

Approximately 350 San Rafael residents experience homelessness on any given night, and the City has made ending homelessness one of its key strategic goals and objectives.  Like all California communities of its size, San Rafael must apply its limited resources and leverage intergovernmental and community partnerships to create housing that supports our residents with the … Continued

What’s next?

It is believed that some of the material seeped into cracks in the pavement and is pooled underground. Weather dependent, on Tuesday crews will begin carefully cut into the roadway to gain access to clean up the area beneath. This will create traffic impacts during the operations as well as for repairs. The exact timeline … Continued

Are businesses in the area open and safe?

Currently businesses in the area are open for business. As road conditions may change, please allow extra time and use caution when visiting the businesses. As clean up and repair efforts evolve, businesses may temporarily close. Consider calling ahead of time to confirm their status.

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