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Evacuation route clearance

Evacuation route clearance has been focused primarily on hillside neighborhoods with terraced or narrow roads. During an emergency, these roads need to be open and clear of vegetation along the road edge to help facilitate safe evacuation and egress for emergency response.

Fire road vegetation clearance

Fire road vegetation clearance helps keep fire roads throughout San Rafael open and passable for emergency response vehicles in the event of a wildfire. Fuel reduction along these roads consists of creating shaded and unshaded fuel breaks of the road edges, up to 50 feet in some areas. Many of the fire roads in San … Continued


Goat grazing and mowing remove light and flashy fuels in grassland or lightly wooded areas. These unshaded and shaded fuel breaks help slow the spread of wildfire and will be seen primarily in the defensible space zone that extends 100’-150’ from homes or infrastructure into open space areas. Goats arrive in San Rafael and Marinwood … Continued

Shaded Fuel Break

A shaded fuel break consists of removing or modifying the vegetation in the understory of a wooded or forested area while retaining a large portion of the canopy. These projects will focus on removing light flashy fuels like grass, shrubs, invasive species like broom, and lower limbs of trees to reduce ladder fuels and create … Continued

Who are eligible contractors for my sidewalk repairs?

Eligible Contractors for Sidewalk Repair Program:  Ghilotti Bros. Inc. – (415) 256-2271 Pacific Surfacing – (510) 755-2630 Sierra’s Concrete – (650) 863-7870 Silva Contractors Inc – (510) 275-3329 Van Midde and Son Concrete – (415) 459-2530

How can I receive more information or provide feedback?

The City of San Rafael welcomes your feedback and questions as we make plans to maintain and improve aging streets, storm drains, buildings and infrastructure. For more information or to share feedback on local priorities, please contact the City Manager’s office at (415) 485-3070 or

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