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Increased police presence / Improve feelings of safety and security

What we heard from the community…  They want to see a greater police presence in the Canal neighborhood to increase feelings of safety and security.  They want to be able to leave their belongings in their cars and not have them robbed.  They want to walk down the street in peace without fear of harm … Continued

Increase cultural competencies and customer service skills

What we heard from the community…   They want assurance that the police officers who get hired by the SRPD have experience, training, and professionalism, and are evaluated to insure they are psychology fit for the job.  They want our police officers to show empathy and compassion when interacting with residents.  They want all police officers … Continued

Improve transparency, communications, and accountability

What we heard from the community…   They want to feel safe to contact the police department without fear of consequences.   They want to better understand the different on ways to file a complaint about the police department.  They want some type of police accountability and community oversight.  When issues regarding bias and/or racism are brought … Continued

Build trust and improve relationships with the community 

What we heard from the community…   They want the police department to make take deliberation actions to build trust and improve their relationships with the community.   For example, they want to see the results of the community forums on policing and how the Police Department is going to respond to their concerns.  Another example, they … Continued

2040 Vision Plan

Residential Lot 5 Residential Lot 6 Retail PAD 3 Retail PAD 4 Retail PAD 5

List of Entitlements

Zoning Amendments – A Zoning Map and Zoning Text Amendment to the Planned Development (PD) Overlay Zone that outlines allowable land uses, development standards, and a development plan for the proposed project. Development Agreement – A Development Agreement to set forth development terms between the applicant and the City. Vesting Tentative Map – A Vesting … Continued

2025 Master Plan

Residential Lot 1 Residential Lot 2 Residential Lot 3 Residential Lot 4 Cinema Retail Major 1, Shops 1 Retail Major 2, Shops 2 Retail PAD 1 Retail PAD 2 Parking Structure

Draft EIR

A DRAFT EIR is currently being prepared and will be added here once it is released for public review

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