Will I receive a repair quote before I agree to the repairs? Am I committed to performing repairs once I submit the application?

Yes, it is the expectation of the City is that all program applicants will follow through with the identified sidewalk repairs in the pre-construction inspection survey.

In the pre-construction inspection conducted by the City, the City will identify all needed sidewalk repair and replacement, tree root shaving/removal, and required sidewalk/curb-gutter replacement. This is the (a) city approved work.

Once the property owner receives their pre-inspection survey results from the City, they may send it to the contractor and also request any (b) additional owner-requested work not to be cost-shared with the City (e.g. driveway work) . At that time they will get a comprehensive quote from the contractor for both repairs that the City will cost-share in, and any additional repairs (e.g. driveway work) the owner has requested. They will receive this comprehensive quote prior to entering into a signed agreement with the contractor.

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