How will the City involve the entire community in the public process and keep them involved? How will the City ensure people affected, i.e. people of color, have opportunity to speak and be involved beyond just public comment?

The City held a study session on November 20 and has held public hearings on December 4, December 18 and January 16 to receive public input.  Now that the City Council has decided to transition to district-based elections, the City Council will hold multiple meetings over a period of not more than 90 days in order to make a final decision by April 16, 2018.  These hearings will give the public the opportunity to speak to the Council about how the new electoral districts should be formed.  In addition, the City is entering into an agreement with National Demographics, Inc. that will make an interactive online system available so that the public can review and propose optional district maps.  Finally, the City has been and will continue to be posting informational materials to its website and on sound recordings, and will be partnering with community organizations to get the word out.

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