Wildfire Prevention (Modified)

The current health crisis has created heightened levels of stress leaving many feeling uncertain about the future . While the City moves through this difficult time, SRFD is diligently working to protect the community against the threat of wildfire. The city encourages property owners to be proactive in their planning and mitigation against wildfire and have modified the defensible space inspection process during the pandemic. The current Shelter in Place provides an exemption for wildfire mitigation work to continue.

In person defensible space inspections are still an option if social distancing can be maintained and no member of the household is or has recently been ill. SRFD vegetation management personnel wear appropriate protective equipment and can conduct exterior inspections while property owners maintain a safe distance. Any associated forms or notes can be emailed to the home owner afterward or left on site at the homeowner’s discretion. The City is also working on a virtual inspection process that will further assist property owners in a safe manner during these unprecedented times. Feel free to contact the prevention office at 415-485-3308 for more information.

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