Why didn’t I receive any information before a pre-citation?

Prior to issuing pre-citation notices or citations staff make multiple attempts to connect with residents.

This includes in person visits to each property during which staff will knock on doors. If no one is home, information is left at the door. This information included details on hazards observed from the right of way, and directions on how to access their free report, request a full inspection, and the various support resources the City has available. In addition, every San Rafael address and property has received an annual mailer  informing residents and property owners of our wildfire prevention standards and support resources. Prior to issuing a pre-citation, staff have also made at least two follow up attempts to contact residents with noted hazards via phone, email, or postal mail based on information available. To compliment these direct contacts, staff also maintain a robust online presence including our website and social media and have help numerous virtual and in person public meetings to help inform and support our community in our efforts to adapt to wildfire.

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