What resources has San Rafael used to help individuals that are experiencing homelessness find permanent housing?

San Rafael continues to be a countywide leader in the development of new housing options for people experiencing homelessness. This includes:  

  • City Council allocated $1.3M in Affordable Housing Trust Fund dollars to support the redevelopment of 3301 Kerner Boulevard, a former County office building, as permanent supportive housing.  The project received major support from Marin County and  through the State’s Project Homekey initiative, and will open in early 2025. (which will create 43 units of permanent supportive housing)  
  • The City used $1.1M in Affordable Housing Trust Fund dollars to help to create 32 units of permanent supportive housing at Jonathan’s Place, with project sponsor Homeward Bound of Marin.  The project opened in August 2022. 
  • The City received an Encampment Resolution Funding grant in funding round 1,to contract for housing case management to individuals in San Rafael encampments over two years. As of March 2024, 12 of the 17 individuals have moved into permanent housing, and the other individuals are on a pathway to housing.
  • The City used American Rescue Plan dollars to fund a high-utilizer case management program, to serve individuals experiencing homelessness and frequently using emergency services.  This program provides case management through the Downtown Streets Team to 17 currently homeless San Rafael residents. 
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