What is San Rafael doing to support the homeless population?

San Rafael continues to be a countywide leader in the support for development individuals experiencing homelessness. In November, the City Council allocated $1.3M in funding from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund to support the County’s purchase of 3301 Kerner Boulevard through the State’s Project Homekey initiative, which will create 44 units of permanent supportive housing. In June, the City Council authorized up to $260,000 in funding for additional social workers to help in housing placement. 

Over the last year, the City of San Rafael has partnered with Caltrans, the County of Marin, CHP, and multiple service organizations to provide enhanced services for individuals experiencing homelessness. This innovative partnership has enabled the City to create a designated “service support area” launched July 6th, 2021. 

Since October of 2017, the County, the City, and local partners in Marin County have housed over 384 of the most vulnerable people experiencing long-term homelessness in our community. Housing and services are the solution to homelessness. 

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