What if there is contaminated material found in and around my private dock/marina?

Property owners with contaminated material in the sediment around their private dock/marina are responsible for the cost of disposing that material. Disposing of contaminated dredge material is more costly that disposing of clean dredge material. If the USACE detects higher than acceptable contaminant concentrations in the Federal Channel near the dredge area of a participating dock-owner, that dock owner will be grouped with other dock-owners with the same predicament to share the cost of disposing the contaminated sediment. It is recommended that dock owners near portions of the Federal Channel with elevated contamination perform their own sediment testing to determine whether their private property sediment has lower contaminant concentrations than the USACE sediments, and therefore may not require specialized disposal. The cost of the dockface sediment testing will be incurred by the individual property owner/tenant. However, because this testing will involve only the contaminant(s) observed at elevated concentrations in the Federal Channel, the cost will be significantly less than what would be required without the USACE testing data.

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