Pride Flag

The City of San Rafael celebrates Pride Month

Watch the City Council meeting on YouTube at 6:00 p.m.

What has changed since 2013 when the Civic Center PDA was removed?

There are a number of changes since 2013 that warrant reconsidering a new PDA for the North San Rafael/Northgate area, and establishing a new PDA for the Southeast San Rafael/Canal area.  First, the region is in a housing crisis.  The City Council has directed staff to continue to seek opportunities for new housing and preserving the existing housing supply.

Second, the definition of a PDA has changed from being a prescribed ½-mile radius surrounding a rail station or transit center to more fluid configuration. San Rafael and the community have full discretion over the PDA-boundaries. Boundaries and be custom drawn and continue to be refined throughout a community-driven planning process.

Lastly, as part of the General Plan 2040 community members of North San Rafael and the Canal areas requested the City conduct a community-driven planning process for their neighborhoods. A PDA-designation would provide access to funding to conduct this type of community-driven planning process.

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