What can’t I compost?

Marin’s local compost facility WM Earthcare produces high-quality compost to grow organic food. Which is why we CANNOT accept any plastics labeled as compostable or bio-degradable because they take twice as long to break down when compared to natural compostable materials.

Please DO NOT put any of the following items in your green cart for compost:

  • NO compostable or bio-degradable plastics, bags, cups, containers, and utensils
  • NO diapers, pet waste, human waste, and poison oak

What not to compost

Please remember to pay close attention to what you place in the binNot everything labeled compostable can be composted. For more tips, visit the Marin Sanitary Service website and use the “Where does it go, Joe?” tool. Even a small amount of trash in the compost bin means all the material goes to waste!

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