What can be done for clearly mentally ill people?

Most people experiencing homelessness in Marin cite an economic reason for their homelessness. However, for the minority of people experiencing chronic homelessness, over 70% report experiencing some type of emotional or psychiatric challenge. Sadly, the mental health system in this country has been severely eroded over the last few decades and new laws make it harder to provider services for people who are extremely sick and refuse help. 

I’ve heard most homeless people aren’t from Marin, is that true? According to the 2019 Homeless Point-in-Time Count, 73% of people currently experiencing homelessness in Marin report living in Marin prior to losing their housing. Across the nine Bay Area counties, 70-85% of people experiencing homelessness in a given county also lost their housing in that county. Homelessness is a local issue. 

Are most homeless people in San Rafael? According to the 2019 Homeless Point-in-Time Count, over 70% of people experiencing in Marin County were located OUTSIDE of San Rafael. 

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