To improve Marin Municipal Water District‘s readiness to respond to a PSPS, MMWD’s Board of Directors approved funding for portable generators that can be utilized at strategic sites to ensure MMWD is able to deliver water to their customers. MMWD uses pump stations powered by electricity to fill their water storage tanks. Should a PSPS event occur, MMWD staff will move the portable generators throughout the service area to power MMWD pump stations. While logistically challenging, the deployment of portable generators will allow for continued water service to District customers.

In order to best manage this new scenario, when a PG&E PSPS event occurs anywhere in MMWD’s service area, we are asking that all customers turn off their irrigation system and restrict water use to indoors only for the duration of the PSPS. Reducing the demand on the system will serve two important purposes: It will ensure more water is available for firefighting if needed, and it will assist the District with their efforts to strategically deploy the portable generators. Your help is greatly appreciated!

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