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The City of San Rafael celebrates Pride Month

Videos from Other Communities

A number of Southern California cities received grant funding to prepare videos explaining the Housing Element process. Several of these videos have been translated into other languages, including Spanish and Mandarin. The links below provide easy-to-understand animated explanations of Housing Elements and what they cover. While they were prepared for communities in other parts of the state, the content is transferable to San Rafael.

Housing Element – Orange County (in Spanish) – 3 min 49 sec (this is focused on RHNA)
Housing Element – Temecula (in Spanish) – 24 min 35 sec
Housing Element – Los Angeles (in Spanish) – 1 min 33 sec
Housing Element – Azusa (Mandarin Subtitles) – 3 min 59 sec

In addition, Sonoma County has prepared this video as part of their update process (in English)

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