Sandbag Locations

If your property can be protected by sandbags, consider getting sand and bags BEFORE the rainy season and stockpile as many filled bags as you think you may need. We provide residents with sandbags and/or sand on a first-come first serve basis. For best results, fill sandbags 1/2 full. After all bags are in place, a light sprinkling of water is recommended. This technique is only effective with burlap sandbags and will not work with plastic sandbags.

Sand and sandbags are available at the following locations:

  • Terra Linda Community Center-670 Del Ganado Road
  • Upper City Hall Parking Lot- 1400 Fifth Avenue
  • Peacock Gap Park- 699 Biscayne Dr. Parking Lot

How to place sandbags

Fold top of sandbag down and rest bag on its folded top (see illustration below). It is important to place bags with the folded top toward the upstream or uphill direction to prevent bags from opening when water runs by them. Place each sandbag as shown, completing each layer prior to starting the next layer. Limit to two layers unless sandbags are pyramided.


Sandbags have their limitations. Sandbags are for low-flow protection up to two feet. Protection from higher flows require a more permanent type of structure. Sandbags will not seal out water. Sandbag exposed for several months to continued wetting and drying will deteriorate. If bags are placed too early, they may not be effective when needed.

CAUTION – Do not use straw bale barriers in lieu of sandbags.

When storm season is over, you may keep them for the following year or empty the sand in your backyard.

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