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To Schedule an Inspection

  • Press 1 from Main Menu
  • Press 1 from Inspection Request Menu
  • If your permit starts with:
    • B (Building)                       press 1
    • E (Electrical)                     press 2
    • M (Mechanical)              press 3
    • P (Plumbing)                    press 4
    • F (Fire)                                 press 5
    • SP (Swimming Pool)    press 6
    • S (Signs)                              press 7
    • # to return to previous menu
  • Enter Permit Number (7-Digits) follow by #
    • Permit number B1812-001 would be entered as 1812001#
    • The system will read back the Permit Number & Site Address
  • Enter 3-Digit Inspection Code (See 2nd page on the Inspection Card)
    • Or press * to hear list.
    • System will read Inspection Code & Inspection Name
  • Choose Day of Inspection (Monday through Thursday, excluding Holidays)
    • Inspections can be scheduled three business days out
  • Choose Preferred Inspection Time (Note: Times are not guaranteed)
    • Press 1 for Anytime; Press 2 for AM; or Press 3 for PM
  • Enter 10-digit phone number
    • System will read back phone number
    • If correct press 1; to reenter press 2
    • (Note: An automated confirmation will call this number around 8 AM on the day of the Scheduled Inspection)
  • Confirmation Message
    • Press 1 to Hear Confirmation Number & End Call
    • Press 2 to Schedule another Inspection on this Permit
    • Press 3 to Schedule an Inspection on another Permit
    • Press 4 to Return to Main Menu
    • Press 9 to Repeat these Options

Note:  Residential Rough Frame does not include Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, or Shower Pan.  When scheduling, please select each that apply.

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