Technology Modernization

Technology touches everything, and our department will serve the city’s use of technology by providing the support for critical technical infrastructure and security, while also introducing the digital principles that will allow the city to use technology to innovate and try new things.

TM.1 – Speed & connectivity

Provide stable, high-capacity, and resilient wireless, broadband, wifi systems.

TM.2 – Tech support

Provide 24/7 support that meets the needs of employees, minimizes disruptions, and expedited resolution of issues.

TM.3 – Network

Support the present and future needs of City departments with secure and stable solutions, integrated tools, and streamlined maintenance.

TM.4 – Security

Protect the City network against security threats through maintenance, monitoring, user training, and education.

TM.5 – Technology standards and policy

Define standards, policy, and guidelines for technology and software purchases and usage, including guidance for open source.

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