Tenant households occupying a dwelling unit located within U.S. Census Tracts 1122.03 and 1122.04, shown in the shaded areas of the map below, may be eligible for relocation assistance if they have continually occupied a dwelling unit for a period of 30 days or more. 

Map of Opportunity Zone
Map of Canal Opportunity Zone – U.S. Census Tracts 1122.03 and 1122.04

Building permit applications for residential properties in Census Tracts 1122.03 and 1122.04 are required to include a signed Declaration Form. 

Temporary Relocation for Substantial Rehabilitation 

In cases of Substantial Rehabilitation for Health and Safety in the Canal Opportunity Zone (see above map), property owners are required to offer tenants the right to return to their unit after rehabilitation is completed.  

If the tenant wants to return to the unit after rehabilitation is completed, the tenant must continue to pay rent while the unit is being repaired to maintain the existing lease. 

While the unit is being rehabilitated, the property owner must either: 

  1. a) Pay the tenant a daily amount to cover the cost of temporary lodging;
  • For rehabilitation work that takes 29 days or less, the per day payment will be $250 paid by the property owner to the tenant household.  
  • For rehabilitation work that takes 30 days or more, the tenant household shall receive $250 per day for the first 29 days and beginning on the 30th day of displacement, the payment amount will become a pro-rated daily amount of Fair Market Rent (FMR) based on the rental unit size.  


Unit Size  Studio   1 Bedroom   2 Bedroom   3 Bedroom   4 Bedroom  
2024 Fair Market Rent  $2,292   $2,818   $3,359   $4,112   $4,473  
1/30 of 2024 FMR 


per day  


per day  

$111.97 per day   $137.07 per day   $149.10 per day  



  1. b) Provide a comparable unit on the property or another property in San Rafael.

If the rehabilitation work will span 30 days or longer, a tenant household can decline the offer of per day payments or temporary relocation to a comparable unit, and instead choose to permanently vacate the unit.  In this case, the property owner may proceed with a no-fault termination, and the tenant household will be eligible for a permanent relocation assistance payment as described below. 

Permanent Relocation 

If a tenant is evicted because the owner is removing the unit from the rental market or moving into the unit, the permanent relocation assistance payment amount the property owner is legally required to pay the tenant includes:   

First and Last Month’s Rent. This is based on federal calculation of “fair market rent”* or if the tenant’s rent is higher, it is based on tenant’s actual rent amount.   

  1. Security Deposit. Payment is one month of your monthly rent.   
  1. Moving Expenses. Payment is based on number of bedrooms: 
  Studio  1-Bedroom  2-Bedroom  3-Bedroom  4-Bedroom 
Moving Expenses  $500  $500  $750  $1,000  $1,500 
  1. Daily Stipend. A daily stipend of $150 for each day remaining in the calendar month that the tenant has to vacate. This is to pay for meals, hotels, etc.   
  1. Extra Payment. Extra payment equal to one month of fair market rent*, if any of the following apply:   
  • Households with at least one minor child(ren), 18 years or younger 
  • Households with at least one elderly individual, 62 years or older  
  • Households with at least one disabled individual  


Studio  1-Bedroom  2-Bedroom  3-Bedroom  4-Bedroom 
$2,292  $2,818  $3,359  $4,112  $4,473 

Fair Market Rent for the San Francisco, CA HUD Metro FMR Area is published annually by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development:  

For more information: 

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