How does payment for contractor repairs work? When will the property owners receive the bill for the repair costs?

Contractors will submit one bill to each property owner after the completion of the repairs itemizing the City’s reimbursement for City approved work as a deduction (e.g. $1,800 sidewalk replacement will be listed and billed $900 to property owner, $3,000 curb and gutter will be listed and billed $0 to property owner). Any additional owner-requested work will be billed at the full amount. Property owner will pay contractor directly for items on their bill. 

Contractors will also submit a separate bill to the City for all deductions given to residents for City approved work (e.g. in example above, one line on bill to City will be for $900 sidewalk replacement + $3,000 curb and gutter at one address). 

Property owners will be responsible for paying their portion of sidewalk repairs directly to City approved chosen contractor (either Van Middle and Son Concrete or Coastside Concrete & Construction).

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