Open Engagement

Technology has the ability to transform how government operates. But more importantly, government is about people. We will build a culture of creativity, learning, and agility through openness and collaboration.

OE.1 – Outreach & engagement

Communicate and engage proactively, broadly, and in a compelling way to increase participation and understand varied perspectives, think differently about issues, reimagine outcomes, and garner support for bold new ideas to improve our community.

OE.2 – Process improvement

Create feedback mechanisms and avenues for continuous improvement to processes and business practices.

OE.3 – Continuous Learning

Provide multimodal learning and training opportunities to meet the current needs of staff and create opportunities for continuous learning as the technology landscape evolves.

OE.4 – Community partnerships

Build strong relationships with community partners to leverage resources and foster greater participation in government.

OE.5 – Digital divide

Expand digital access in underserved communities to create more opportunities and economic mobility.

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