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Do I need a sign permit?

You’re definitely going to want to contact us to find out if you need a sign permit for any new commercial business signs intended for public view. For your application you’ll need to provide:

  • Photographs of all existing signs on the building.
  • An inventory of all existing signs on the site. This inventory should include location and square footage of each sign.
  • A site plan showing the property lines and dimensions, building and tenant suite(s) outlines and dimensions, location(s) of existing and proposed sign(s) (note removal of existing signs, if applicable).
  • Three sets of professional quality drawings showing the proposed sign(s) including the sign type (e.g. freestanding, wall, etc.), sign dimensions, illumination (if applicable), material(s) & color(s), location (if on a building frontage, include measurement of frontage length), and; total sign area square footage.

A sign permit review costs $255. Once the Planning Division has approved your sign review you’ll need to check with the Building Division to find out if you need a building permit. Generally a building permit is required, unless the sign is painted on the building,  vinyl installed on glass, or just a new awning cover.

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