Local Property Owners

City Staff, in collaboration with the Canal Policy Working Group, have been considering holistic solutions that not only address the rental debt burden of tenants who have been most disproportionally affected by COVID-19, but also the needs of the local landlords and helping to mitigate the impacts they face. Over the past weeks, staff have met with local property owners to discuss the proposed policy options and to solicit their input. 

The City recognizes the burden placed upon local property owners and are advocating to secure additional support for them. The rental assistance provided through the Community Development Block Grant and Marin Community Foundation funding is targeted at supporting tenants in greatest need; it also provides financial relief to landlords as the payments are made directly to the property owner. Additionally, the State is considering adopting AB 16, which would provide funding and a framework for disbursing rental assistance. The City sent a letter of support to both Senator Mike McGuire and Assembly member Mark Levine, urging them to vote yes on AB 16.  

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