Pride Flag

The City of San Rafael celebrates Pride Month


Require modifications to vegetation surrounding all structures on a property

No vegetation except for 3-inch grass or succulents is to exist within 0’-5’ of any structures on the property. Vines and ivy will have to be well-irrigated and maintained. Mulch or similar ground covering is only permitted when no contact is made with combustible exterior walls or plants.  

Why? Many of the recent large fires were spread by windblown embers which started many small fires, sometimes miles away. If these embers land in combustible material near your home, it is almost certain to ignite. Likewise, if a plant below a window catches fire, is the flames are likely to break the glass and spread the fire inside. Reducing fuel around your home will reduce the likelihood of an ember lighting your home on fire.   

Get creative and check out some great ways to harden your home in style. 

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