Is the initial Umbrella Permit costs in any way affected if there is discovery of contaminated sediment in a portion of the channel? If yes, would the cost of the umbrella permit be allocated in such a way that the owners of parcels near the contaminated sediment would be paying a higher rate than the owners of the parcels not near the contaminated sediment?

Permit acquisition would not be affected by any detected contamination, but the sediment quality approval required by the permits would be. Yes, any homeowners near areas in the main channel that the USACE testing shows to be contaminated would be responsible for additional testing near the dock that would hopefully show the contamination does not extend to the dock dredge area. In this scenario, the strategy would be to test for just the contaminant identified by the USACE testing so that the individual homeowner testing cost would be minimized (1 or 2 contaminants vs. the 158 contaminants required for stand-alone projects).

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