If property owners don’t participate in the umbrella permit at this time, can they add their names once it’s determined when the dredge would actually occur? Some homes might change homeowners during before the basin dredge occurs, so are new homeowners precluded from participating at a later date?

The City wanted to start the permit process now so that dock owners would be cleared to dredge when the USACE started. The FY2021 Work Plan began on Oct. 1. It is still not clear whether they will have funding available after the Work Plan’s priority projects (i.e. Oakland and Richmond Harbors) are completed. If they do have funding for the Canal in 2021, they would dredge the dock owners immediately afterward (same year), and potentially simultaneously as they work their way down the Canal. So there is still potential for the dredging to occur in 2021 although likely it will be in 2022. Either way it would be difficult (probably impossible) to get an individual dock owner added to the permit after the USACE hires a contractor in time for them to be included with the “piggyback” dredging. Docks attached to homes that come under new ownership would stay permitted. The new owners would simply have to sign an affidavit indicating they want to remain on the permits.

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