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I share a driveway with my neighbors, can I register my home as a Short-Term Rental?

Yes, Short-term Rentals are allowed on properties vehicle access is shared between neighbors. If you live on a property like this you must provide a “Parking Plan” when you register your property to be used as a short-term rental.

A “Parking Plan”  must document how the  Short-Term Rental will avoid encumbering parking.  Documentation may include:

  • Existing variances;
  • Shared maneuvering diagrams or conditions;
  • Signage identifying designated off-street parking spaces;
  • Agreements indicating designated off-street parking spaces.

The “Parking Plan” must also include instructions to be provided to guests of the Short-Term Rental outlining the location of designated off-street parking spaces and instructions for maintaining clear access to shared maneuvering areas. The City will consider blocked access to shared maneuvering areas or guest parking outside of designated off-street parking spaces to be Program violations.

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