How is the Regional Housing Need Allocation (RHNA) connected to PDA?

RHNA is the State-mandated housing allocation that is provided to each local jurisdiction, which is required to be addressed in the Housing Elements of all local General Plans. The housing allocations from RHNA is applied to the city as whole. There is no “allocation” that is applied to or assigned to PDAs.  Therefore, there is no connection to or relationship between RHNA and a PDA designation. The PDA designation allows the local jurisdiction to apply for funds and grants for infrastructure and planning. These funds and grants can be used to help meet our RHNA goals

While Plan Bay Area 2050  includes jobs and housing growth projections for designated PDAs, this has no bearing on or relationship to RHNA.  While the Plan Bay Area includes jobs and housing growth projections for a designated PDA, these projections not a mandate or requirement on the local jurisdiction.


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