How do the fines work?

Pre-Citations are issued at least 15 days before a fine will be issued. After 15 days, staff will document any ongoing hazard and prepare an initial citation of $250 dollars to be issued 30 days after the initial pre-citation was issued. After two weeks, staff will return and issue another $250 fine for ongoing hazards. If the issue is addressed prior to the second fine being issued, the initial fine will be forgiven. Following the second issuance, fines will not be forgiven and become compounding.

Paying the fine does not substitute for the required alterations or removal of vegetation. Additional fines will be issued at higher rates and more frequent intervals for ongoing community hazards. Fines max out at $500/day. The City can pursue abatement for unresponsive properties that pose a community hazard.

We hope to avoid fines altogether and are ready to help you adapt your property to wildfire. Please visit the various resources provided below.

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