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Housing Issues

California’s High Housing Costs-Causes and Consequences. This is a 2015 report from the California Office of the Legislative Analyst that takes a look at what’s behind high housing costs in California.

Housing Affordability Update. This is a PowerPoint Presentation summarizing the state of housing costs in California as of the Second Quarter in 2021.

Encouraging Diverse Middle Housing Near Transit. This hyperlink will lead to a document from the Lewis Center that describes the benefits of building moderate density moderate cost “missing middle” housing near transit stations.

Housing Crisis that Fails to Match Jobs to People. This presentation from Dowell Myers (an urban planning professor at USC) looks at the root of the housing crisis, and common misperceptions about the rate of multi-family housing growth in California.

Hard Construction Costs. This report from the Terner Center in Berkeley looks at the cost of building multi-family development in today’s market.

White Paper on Anti-displacement Strategy Effectiveness. This report from Karen Chapple, an urban planning professor at UC Berkeley, examines the effectiveness of different strategies to avoid displacement of lower income residents in communities with rising rent.

How Housing Supply Affects Access to Home Ownership. This report from the Terner Center in Berkeley takes a new look at home ownership, with a focus on the challenges for first-time buyers.

How Housing Supply Affects Access to Opportunity for Renters. This is the companion document to the report above but looks at how current market conditions are affecting the rental housing market.

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