Home Hardening 

  • Fire-Resistant Vents – Fire Safe Marin  
  • Gutter Screens
  • Tempered Dual-paned windows or metal shutters
  • Fire-resistant retrofitting exterior materials:
    • Roof covering and metal drip roof edges  
    • Exterior walls and siding  
    • Eaves and porch ceilings  
    • Exterior doors  
    • Deck/patio/stair enclosures  
    • Underfloor and appendages  
  • Replacing wood shake roofs  
  • Spark arrestor screen   
  • Replace soffits that are not fire-resistant or cover with a non-combustible or fire-resistant material such as fiber-cement board or stucco.  
  • In very high Fire Severity Zones, installation of exterior 5/8-inch fire-resistant gypsum board between the existing and new soffit materials for enhanced fire resistance.  

If the fascia is combustible, cover the fascia board with a noncombustible or fire-resistant material (e.g., fire-retardant-treated lumber, fiber-cement board, etc.). 

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