Do I need a vegetation inspection?

Short-term Rentals on properties in a Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) must show proof of a vegetation inspection as part of their registration. For 2020, property owners will be able to conduct a self-certified vegetation inspection, by completed a Vegetation Inspection Checklist and submitting photos of the front, back, and sides of the property.

It is important to clarify, the City expects property owners to maintain their vegetation and landscaping throughout the year due to the risk of wildfire. For example, having clear gutters at the time a registration is submitted  does not exclude you from maintaining them. At any point the Fire Department may conduct drive by inspections and/or schedule inspections with property owners to confirm the information they have submitted.

To find out if your property is in a WUI visit this webpage: Wildlland-Urban Interface Map

For information on vegetation inspections visit this webpage: Vegetation Management

For information in protecting your home from wildfire visit this webpage: Defensible Space


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