Do I need a permit to have an outdoor fire?

You may have an outdoor fire in an outdoor fire pit or fireplace but check for Winter Spare the Air Alerts before you burn. Residents and businesses can call 1-877-4NO-BURN (1-877-466-2876) to check theWinter Spare the Air Alert status and to report wood smoke concerns in their area.

Kindling an outdoor fire is prohibited in extreme fire weather when Marin County has declared a Red Flag Day. It is important to consider weather conditions before using an outdoor fireplace or BBQ. Wind direction, wind speed, humidity, and barometric pressure all affect the danger of fire.

The San Rafael Fire Department (SRFD) does not allow outdoor fires for the burning of yard waste, rubbish, construction debris, brush, etc.

Open burning, bonfires and recreational fires are strictly prohibited within the jurisdiction without a Fire Permit issued by the SRFD. Campfires are strictly prohibited within the jurisdiction; there are no approved campgrounds located within the City of San Rafael, therefore no Fire Permit will be issued for a campfire. A Fire Permit issued by SRFD is required prior to kindling a fire, or engaging in the activity, operation or use regarding outdoor fire or open burning, which is not specifically included in this standard. Call (415) 485-3308.

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