The new demands of the digital era require a new approach to government. Technology now touches everything in the 21st century. It is not an industry nor a single department. It’s a component of all that we do and has the potential to help us be a more responsive government.

Community expectations of how government communicates, engages, and delivers services are changing. Our response is to evolve from a government centered around risk avoidance and compliance to one incentivized by results and measurable accomplishments.

Digital is the technological and organizational processes that unlock new opportunities and value. Our vision is accomplished by building capacity with data and information, partnering with City departments, and collaborating with the community.

The core purpose of our department is to help make City services easy to use and work for everyone. We do this by leveraging digital principles such as designing with and for our users, practicing continual improvement, using data to drive decisions, and modernizing our technology stacks.

Ultimately, we serve to proactively empower and support City departments so they can work efficiently and collaboratively in delivering modern services that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of the community, especially people who need help the most.

If we truly care about outcomes, it is not enough to just provide a service. We must design the delivery of services so they work from the community’s perspective and thus, that government work for everyone.”  –Jim Schutz, City Manager

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